INTRODUCTION:      The “Osmani Law Associates” founded in 1990. Its background for successful practice in Labour & Industrial Relations Laws has long rooted, spread over forty years in Pakistan. Mr. A. Nawaz Osmani, Advocate, is specialized practicing lawyer in Labour & Industrial Relations Laws. A highly successful, versatile lawyer & speaker on Labour Laws & Industrial Relations Laws, having work experience for more than 12 years, in the Courts of Law in Karachi, Pakistan. A well known and leading consultant having number of National & Multinational companies on his legal advice/panel. The “ELB” established under supervision and control of “Osmani Law Associates” with perfect aim to lead and provide legal support, information & training to Individual & Establishments. The ELB is leaders in providing Legal Services in Labour Laws, informative Reports regarding Labour & Industrial Relations Laws and conducting highly successful Seminars, Workshops and Courses regarding Labour Laws, IR and HR in Pakistan. Almost all major companies of Pakistan have benefited & attended through our reports & training programs.

(1). “ELB-WEBSITE” is unique of its kind and providing full year up-to-date knowledge for activities of Labour & Corporate Courts & authorities of Pakistan. It has complete Labour Laws, Head Notes on Labour and Commercial Judgments, Notes & Write-ups on important issues, Expert Opinions on Latest issues, monthly Labour and Commercial laws Reports and amendments are being provided to its valued members throughout Pakistan through Mail & Online via website and Email.

(2).ELB-OPINION” providing state of the art, full year conclusive legal advice on Labour Laws & Industrial Relations matters. Under this renowned highly beneficial service, members may consult to us on telephone or by Email on any query or legal problem or by meeting at our chamber upon prior appointment. This facility has specially designed to provide state of the art rapid solution of your day to day legal problems.

(3).ELB-TRAINING”, we organizing Seminars, Workshops, Training and programs throughout Pakistan continuously. The member organization will have opportunity to attend any training program once in a year, on latest developments on important issues of Labour Laws and HRM. The ELB conducting these programs in a five star environment & providing complete learning facilities to its participants gathered across the country. Facilitate by renowned lawyers, lecturers and professionals, having long standing in the field.

(4). ELB-ANNUAL MEETING” having a Comprehensive discussion, formation and setting up Annual Labour Policy for the Enterprise of member organization, includes thorough discussions and conversion into document. The members may have opportunity to discuss, regulate and amend their Entrepreneur Constitution. This meeting can be held annually both in our chamber and in your premises.

(5). “ELB-MONTHLY ADVICE, We provide rapid and fast regular legal advice including all modes of consultation i.e. through telephone, meeting, email, courier and includes oral and written. Clients in this service will be highly comfortable and ELB is committed to impart its best legal services.

(6). “ELB-LABOUR CASES”. We conduct one Labour case in a year under this service, whether pertains to Labour Court, NIRC, Labour Appellate Tribunal, in highly professional manner. The fee of High Court cases may be fixed separately on mutual consent.  This service is available only for our Complete Members or mutual agreement.