In order to provide legal support to Companies, Banks, Financial Institutions and Corporate Organizations, we offer a systematic Legal Advice through “ELB-OPINION” on the following terms and conditions.

1). If you are not a member to the ELB, you may become member, which will provide you  sufficient knowledge of laws to keep update and enable you to take independent decisions on Labour Laws and Industrial Relations Laws & Practices at every stage of any legal transaction.

2). You should also become a member of “ELB-OPINION” in which case we will facilitate you in taking correct decisions in respect of any legal problem in Labour Laws and IR matters in accordance with prevailing practices and applicable laws.

3). If you become a member of ELB-OPINION, it is imperative that you consult us before taking any action in transecting any business and in case of court cases, the cases should also be assigned to us. Separate fee will be charged for each case but on concession due to the membership.

4). Under the scheme, you can take legal opinion on any Legal matter and / or Labour and Industrial Relation matter to us on telephone or can visit our chamber after prior appointment. We have also vast experience of drafting Agreements, Reviewing Contracts, Mortgages, Charges, Redemption, Sales, Leases, Arbitration, Partnership and Mediation etc. We are fully competent to handle your cases in the courts of law and in specialized manner. Any details documentary Advise will be charged separately.